Here is a list of most of the parts that I have bought since I started building robots about 3 years ago now. I did receive 900 from Trinity school as sponsorship. They also let me use their very will equipped workshop. I have also got a lot of parts free from Panasonic, Arfa, Lynch Motors, Ensinger, Paul fabrications, and Avon Metals. I would like to thank My sponsors as I know that I would not have been able to build Oblivion and Supernova without their help.  

Part Cost Supplier
2 x 12v 17Ah batteries (Yuasa) 60 DMS
C5 motors + gear boxes 180 Adam Harper
Charger (yuasa) 4A 50 DMS
Aluminium Armour 100 Geo King Metals
Speed controller

36v pro 120A

300 4QD
Steel Axles Free Trinity School
Titanium 2mm sheet Free Paul fabrications
6 x 12v 12Ah batteries Free Panasonic Batteries UK
Lynch Motor 100 (RRP 780) Lynch Motors UK
(15m)Ally 1in sq tube 60 BOAC
Chain (3/8) 50 RS
Sprockets 4-8 each RS
2in Ally tube 10 RS
35mm, 450dia mild steel plate 70 Park Side Steel
2 x 40mm bore Bearings 28 RS
1in dia Ally bar 24in long 10 RS
Dural (lots) Free Arfa (Mortis team)
6mm Ally Sheet (6ft x 2ft) Free Avon Metals
2 x Wheels (Supernova) 20 RS
4 x Wheels (oblivion) 40 RS
 2 x 24V Bosch 750W 180 RS
Bearings (Glacier DU) 60 BSL
Pillow Clamps 6 RS
Bosch Jigsaw 80 B&Q
Bosch Power Drill 60 B&Q
Hack Saw 12 B&Q
40 Mhz 4Ch 120 Hobby Stores
Maplins (bits n bobs) 100 Maplins
Drill Bits 16 B&Q
Jig Saw Blades 15 RS
Polycarbonate Free Ensinger
TOTAL (so far) ~1800