Here is a list of some of my favorite sites:

Robotwars uk :A site with a good forum, if you have a question, these are the guys to ask.

Dangerousmachines :This site has a excellent links page, Most of your favorite UK and American bots can be found there. 

Hypnodisc :This robot needs no introduction, Awesome!

Anthrax :I check their web page frequently, A very high tech robot with loads of sponsors. Little known fact: Oblivion2 fought Anthrax in the auditions last year.  

Roshambot :A new breed of robot relying on high speed ramming. An interesting design using some new technology to robotwars.

Pussycat :One of my fave bots from the last series, and a very helpful team. Thanks Alan for all your help.

Technical Help

Paul Hills aka Talulah has helped me calculate Ke values for the Disc. Thanks for all your help. Check out his web page:

There is a lot of information about batteries, motors, and a lot more. A very useful site!

4QD have helped me out on several occasions, usually the day before filming when the electronics have decided to pack up. A very helpful company who produce a excellent product at an excellent price.